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standard grapefruit - small box

Standard Size Grapefruit

A Texas tradition, our grapefruit is a subtropical citrus tree developed here in the Lone Star State! The best, reddest, sweetest, juiciest, and most popular grapefruit combines the two reddest grapefruit varieties - Rio Red and Star Ruby Grapefruit. Rio Star Grapefruit has an overall blush on the exterior peel with a deep red interior color. Organic makes them even better!

texas grande grapefruit - large box

Texas Grande Grapefruit

Take our standard Rio Star Grapefruit and nearly double the size and you have our delicious Texas Grande Grapefruit...truly a sight and taste to behold! Anyone getting this size will fully understand why we say, "Everything in Texas is bigger!"



Marrs Oranges are a variety exclusive to Texas derived from Navel Oranges so they have the wonderful characteristics of the Navel Oranges without the navel. This lighter colored orange is delicious and juicy! This early and mid-season variety is available from November through January and is great for fresh eating and juicing. 

Valencia Oranges are a late season, sweet orange that reach their peak maturity the end of January. They have an excellent taste and internal color that make this variety desirable for fresh eating and juicing.



Mouth-watering! Meyer Lemons are richer in yellow color, sweeter, rounder and less acidic than other varieties of lemons because they are thought to be a cross between a lemon and mandarin orange. It has a fragrant, edible, thin skin. Makes great lemonade that needs less sugar, or just add some slices to plain ice water or tea! Very popular among chefs because they're perfect for recipes calling for lemons!

combo box

Combo Boxes

Enjoy an assortment of citrus bliss with delicious combos that include only the best and juiciest grapefruit, oranges, and lemons! It's sure to delight!

Citrus Shelf Life

Grapefruit, oranges, and lemons have a shelf life of approximtately one week at room temperature and approximately one month refrigerated.

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